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African Wormwood - Artemisia afra Tincture


The painkilling and relaxing properties of Artemisia afra can be of real value in today's stressful society.

The genus name Artemisia honours Artemis, the Greek goddess of hunting.
Another interesting link to the name is Artemisia, the wife of the Greek/Persian King Mausolus, who ruled after his death in 353 BC. In his honour she built a magnificent tomb called the Mausoleum, known as one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. She was also a famous botanical and medical researcher. The species name afra means from Africa.

World-wide there are about 400 species of Artemisia, mainly from the northern hemisphere.
Artemisia vulgaris is commonly known as mugwort, and is described as 'a condiment with magical properties'.

Bio-activity :
Narcotic analgesic effects have been indicated in preliminary pharmaceutical tests.

Chemical constituents :
Thujone is found in the aerial parts.

Contra-indications :
Thujone isomers are reported to be abortifacient and emmenagogic and the use of this herb during pregnancy is not recommended. Traditional healers and herbalists confirm this view.

$8.99 for one fluid-ounce tincture bottle.
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