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Lions Ear - Leonotis leonorus - Resinous flowering tops


  • Decoctions and tinctures of flowers, leaves and stems have medicinally been taken for headaches as well as coughs, asthma, bronchitis, colds, and high blood pressure.
  • Species of Leonotis are frequently-used herbal remedies to treat various bronchial illness and epilepsy.
  • Lion's Ear has reputedly been smoked by tribesmen of Southern Africa.
Success stories :

`I've had experiences with Leonotis leonorus from other vendors, and I find yours to be of a much better quality.
I had purchased a product with just the petals of the flower tops, and I found I actually prefer your whole flower tops; your product seemed very fresh in comparison. Nothing but good things to say about Leonotis leonorus now that I've tried yours!'
-Christopher, Canada.

`I purchased the Leonotus from you recently and I was very pleased with the products quality and price.
Peace & many blessings, and thanks for all of your good work. It is much appreciated.'
-Aaron, USA.

`The fact of the matter is your website offers these products for a much fairer price than some others.
If I hadn't found your site, I probably would have bought half the amount of Leonotis for triple the price, so I regard your services as very good.'
-Brian, USA.

`I ordered some Leonotis leonorus flowers and foliage and I used some of it, and I could tell that this was really high quality! I really appreciate the quality of products that the Botanical Source keeps providing! Thanks from a returning customer!'
-Andy, USA.

`I just received my order. I am going to be honest with you. It felt like I was a child again opening my presents from my late mom and dad. It was good having those feelings again. I am most appreciative of my order more than you will ever know. I will wear my Dream Seed Necklace to my grave and in the after life. I thank you. I am not kidding when I tell you that you have the freshest and best looking herbs around. Someone must have gotten up early one morning and picked the Leonotis leonorus flowering tops. I think I still see a butterfly on them. Okay, I am kidding!!! Again, thanks for the service, the quality of products, and the generous heart.
Peace forever.'
-Willie, USA.

`The flowers are great by the way. Best deal ever! Thanks.'
-Ekadasi, USA.

`The Lions Ear was excellent.
All flowering tops and no junk (other vendors add big stems to weigh down their Lions Ear.)
Very fluffy flowers, great orange color, and very fresh.
The taste has a light, almost licorice flavor. The effects were mild serenity.
I used it as a sleep aid, it works well.'
-James, USA.

`The petals of Leonotis leonurus are awesome! Very good quality!'
-Joao, Brazil.

$5.97 for 30grams of Leonotis resinous flowering tops.
(Click `Add to Cart' or click on `Weight' to select a greater weight.)

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