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Magic Guarri - Euclea divinorum Tincture


  • Used in divination - used to make medicine for diviners in the Batoka region of southern Zambia.
  • Used in ritual initiation by the Sebei in Kenya.
  • Used in `sorcery' in Angola.
  • Used to remove spells in Uganda, root powder is rubbed into scarifications.
  • Wood is reputed to have supernatural powers and therefore is never used as a fuel.

  • Root decoctions are also used for toothache and various body pains.
  • The fruits are said to be strongly purgative.
  • In Kenya the root decoction is used as a purgative and the bark infusion as an appetizer.
  • Branches are used as a good luck charm.
  • Alcoholic beverages have been made from the fruit. They are applied in the fermentation process to make beer.
  • Twigs broken off from the tree were used as toothbrushes in the old days because of the fibrous texture.
  • In traditional medicine root extracts and dried powdered roots are applied for the treatment of gastro-intestinal disturbances, cancer, ulcers, wounds, arthritis, miscarriage, jaundice, snakebites and gonorrhoea.
  • The Shangaan people apply ground roots on the skin against leprosy and to relieve headache and toothache.
  • In western Kenya Euclea divinorum is one of the species used in the treatment of milk to increase its digestibility, palatability and preservation; sometimes treated milk can be stored for over a year without turning bad, which is vital to the household food security.
  • In south-western Ethiopia Euclea divinorum is used to purify drinking water by adding branches to the gourds or pots and leaving them to soak in the water for several hours.
Chemical Profile :
  • Naphthaquinones and triterpenoids have been isolated from the dried roots.
  • The pentacyclic triterpenes and naphthoquinones, lupeol, lupene, betulin, 7-methyljuglone, isodiospyrin, shinalone, catechin and the novel 3 beta-(5-hydroxyferuloyl) lup-20(30)-ene were isolated from roots of E. divinorum collected in Zimbabwe.
  • Research on the root-bark done in Zimbabwe resulted in the isolation of naphthoquinones and napthoquinone dimers and trimers. Triterpenoids were also isolated.
$8.99 for one fluid-ounce tincture bottle.
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