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Sacred Blue Lily - Nymphaea caerulea


  • The flowers are used by diviners in South Africa.
  • The sacred blue lily of the Nile is a divine essence, for bringing euphoria, tranquility, and heightened awareness.
  • Dried flowers can reputedly be smoked for a sedating effect.
How to use Sacred Blue Lily :

Besides being used in a tea, or tincture, or smoked, Sacred Blue Lily can also be used as follows -

The ancient Egyptians put Sacred Blue Lily into wine and beer.
One can use 21 grams of dried flowers per 750ml bottle of red wine.
You only need to soak it overnight, but a few days makes it stronger.
They undoubtedly soaked it in barrels of wine for as long as they aged the wine.
From my experience if you soak it too long it tastes quite bitter and the effect is too strong.

Success stories :

`The flowers arrived on Saturday in great condition. Thanks for your continued attention to my emails, thats what also makes you different from other vendors, you keep an eye on your customers. Great job. I also want to let you know that the sacred water lilies are magnificent; deeply mystical, I added them to my herbal mix and it opened the door to an everlasting blissful world, or simply took my consciousness to another plane. Great for deep meditations and probably astral traveling. Every time I feel I am out of this world I focus on spreading love and peace to the Earth and everyone inside of it and it's just feels so good and refreshing. This plant treated with respect has one harmonizing vibe. Receive my blessings, love and peace. Thanks for making it available to the world.'
-Josemil, USA.

`I was VERY happy with the blue lotus.'
-Brian, USA.

`Your Blue Lily is with out a doubt the strongest I have ever tried, I don't know if it is because it is fresh or is actually from South Africa, but compared to what I usually get, it is awesome.'
-Bill, USA.

`Sacred Blue Lily has helped me in my daily life as well as in my work with Psychic Readings. Since I began using it, I can feel a phone call before it comes and at times predict who it will be. My girl started to do something and I told her to stop for a second, and I completed what she was going to do. She started laughing out loud because she knew I did not know before hand! I am also able now to anticipate more of her words in advance without even trying. I'm simply amazed at this product!'
-Andre D. of Toledo, Ohio, USA.

`The Sacred Blue Lily is great for calming my nerves.'
-Ricki, USA.

`The Blue Lily, of course, is predictably good.'
-Ian, USA.

`I use Sacred Blue Lily in my tea or cappuccino to see if it would enhance my thinking during my Psychic work on the phone. I even chew it.
And I must tell you, I think it does bring on a certain enlightenment. I feel an increase in my visions. I even use it for dream enhancement.
It works with that too! Powerful stuff!'
-Andre, USA.

`The Blue Lily worked very well for me.'
-Will, USA.

`I found the Sacred Blue Lily to be very relaxing and put me in a very peaceful calm state. I originally made a tea and drank it at night and found I would have a very deep peaceful sleep. I also felt like I was more responsive and aware of things throughout the day. It's a bit hard for me to explain but all in all I was very pleased and surprised with the Sacred Blue Lily.'
-Vic, USA.

`The Sacred Blue Lily has been everything that I was expecting. It is very very nice. Thanks.'
-Terry, USA.

`The Sacred Blue Lily - excellent. Great in teas and really awakens you.'
-Paul, Peru.

`I've tried the Sacred Blue Lily in the form of a tea and it is indeed a good tranquilizing effect.'
-Martha, USA.

$5.97 for 30grams of Sacred Blue Lily.
(Click `Add to Cart' or click on `Weight' to select a greater weight.)

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