Uvuma-omhlope - Synaptolepis kirkii Tincture

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Uvuma-omhlope - Synaptolepis kirkii Tincture
The root of Synaptolepis kirkii `uvuma-omhlope' contains neurotrophins.

What are neurotrophins?

Neurotrophins are a family of molecules that encourage survival of nervous tissue.
A molecule, usually a protein, that will facilitate the growth or repair of nerve cells.
A protein, such as nerve growth factor, that promotes nerve cell growth and survival.

Synaptolepis kirkii is traditionally used to produce clear vision when entering into a trance.
  • Root infusions are also used in rituals and assist diviners to `see' in a metaphysical sense.
  • Uvuma-omhlope is also used in an `ubulawu' mix.
Ubulawu is not merely used to induce lucid dreams, but is a multi-faceted tool whose uses include
connecting and communicating with one's ancestral spirits, having visionary and prophetic dreams,
divination and finding answers to specific questions.

Pharmacological effects :

See `Kirkinine, a New Daphnane Orthoester with Potent Neurotrophic Activity from Synaptolepis kirkii' by authors He W;
Cik M; Lesage A; Linden IVD; Kimpe ND; Appendino G; Bracke J; Mathenge SG; Mudida FP; Leysen JE; Puyvelde LV
in the Journal of Natural Products, 63(9): pp. 1185-1192, 2000 ISSN: 0163-3864.
Abstract : The bioassay-guided fraction of a dichloromethane extract from the roots of Synaptolepis kirkii using neuronal viability
as a model allowed the isolation of the new daphnane orthoester kirkinine (1a) as a powerful neurotrophic constituent.
Bioorg Med Chem. 2002 Oct;10(10):3245-55. Neurotrophic and antileukemic daphnane diterpenoids from Synaptolepis kirkii.
Abstract : Biological assay guided fractionation of a dichloromethane extract of Synaptolepis kirkii led to the isolation
of four new and five known daphnane-type diterpene orthoesters,
whose structure was established by spectroscopic data.
Full spectroscopic data of the new and known natural products are reported here for the first time.
Pronounced neurotrophic and substantial antileukaemia activities of these compounds were found
in in-vitro assays.

Success stories :

For quite some time now, I've been a happy user of your Synaptolepis kirkii tincture.
Using just a drop or two daily gives me a noticeable mood boost.
-Joris, Netherlands.

`I have experienced the most wonderful and positive effects using the Synaptolepis kirkii tincture and have just ordered two more!

It really has worked as a brain tonic for me and I feel subtle but profound benefits.

What I have not mentioned to you before is that when I first contacted you I was coming off some anti-anxiety medication (Aropax).
I had been on very low doses for some time, but still felt anxious...funny that...about stopping it altogether.
The combination of kanna, sutherlandia and now the brain tonic has facilitated a very smooth transition for me and I feel very grateful.

Thank you so much for the service you offer.  

I also think the tincture is helping heal a nerve in a tooth. (that has been attempting to heal for some time and is the fall-out of some dental work)'
-Felicity, South Africa.

$9.97 for one fluid-ounce tincture bottle.
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