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Uvuma-omhlope - Synaptolepis kirkii


  • Synaptolepis kirkii's root has been scientifically confirmed to contain potent neurotrophins.
    Neurotrophins are a family of proteins that induce the survival, development, and function of neurons.
    Neurons are the core components of the nervous system.
    Neurotrophins are chemicals that help to stimulate and control neurogenesis (the ability to grow new neurons).

  • Traditionally, uvuma-omhlope is used to produce clear vision when entering into a trance.
  • Root infusions are also used in rituals and assist diviners to `see' in a metaphysical sense.
  • Uvuma-omhlope is also used in an `ubulawu' mix.
Ubulawu is not merely used to induce lucid dreams, but is a multi-faceted tool whose uses include connecting and communicating with one's ancestral spirits, having visionary and prophetic dreams, divination and finding answers to specific questions.

Success stories :

`I tried using the Synaptolepis kirkii, and I am VERY happy with this product.
I felt amazing, and relaxed. This product really relieved anxiety for me, and made me feel great!
I will definately be buying more of this in the future.
Also your service, and speed of delivery on the products was incredible, especially since they are coming from Africa.
I was very pleased!'
-Rick, USA.

`In using the Synaptolepis Kirkii, I have seen such a dramatic increase in dreams that are really blowing my mind! I feel like I'm there with the event, action, conversation, etc! The more I use it the more I see. Sometimes I dream myself right into a movie or a news story. Several times I predicted a story on the news before the news mentioned it. This lets me know the Kirkii really does heighten your mind.'                                                                                                                                              
-Andre D. of Toledo, Ohio, USA.

`I find that it expands the function of my third eye also empowers my ability to communicate with the astral reality of my ancestors.'
-Mitchell, USA.

`I bought some Synaptolepis kirkii whose unexpected side effect is to make me friendlier, more open and more patient. Yes, I've definitely had good experiences with that. I'm quite pleased with my purchases and plan to make more in the future.
Thanks for providing these products to the world. You're enriching many people's lives over here.'
-Ian, USA.

`I've enjoyed using the Uvuma-omhlope - Synaptolepis kirkii in my tea and in my food as a dream enhancer. It worked so fast! I ran out and had to re-order a larger amount. You'll start to see deep into your mind as you dream. It's kind of fun to explore your mind and to see what's up there. There will be dreams you will never be able to explain.
An example is: Watching a movie as you're going to sleep, and suddenly finding yourself in it playing different characters. In your dreams you'll also approach aggressive people, spirits, or other battles, with a more "I can do it" attitude! It's amazing how you will wake up feeling like you have a stronger mind about getting things done in your daily life. Highly recommended!'
-Andre, USA.

`Have been VERY pleased with your dreaming products especially Uvuma-omhlope - Synaptolepis kirkii.
Thank you so much for your products and support.'
-George, USA.

$6.97 for 30grams of Uvuma-omhlope.
(Click `Add to Cart' or click on `Weight' to select a greater weight.)

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