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Uzara - Xysmalobium undulatum


  • The powdered root is snuffed by the Zulu's for a sedating effect.
  • The root also has various medicinal uses.
Success story :

`I am really getting to like Uzara - Xysmalobium undulatum the more I use it.  I have to usually use it twice because the first time it works like snuff and I start sneezing and my nose clears then I do it again, I still sneeze but my sinuses are clear then and the second batch stays.  The sensation is kind of hard to describe, it's a sedative, but it doesn't put me to sleep, I guess it has a soothing effect on me that I really enjoy.  This might just be me, but when I do go to sleep it seems that I have more and brighter dreams as well, it's not listed as Ubulawu so it is probably just me.'
-Bill, USA.

$5.97 for 30grams of Uzara.

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