Wildegansie - Sutherlandia frutescens Tincture

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Wildegansie - Sutherlandia frutescens Tincture
This plant is stated to be amongst the most multi-purpose and useful of the medicinal plants in southern Africa. The uses of this wonderful plant were originally learned from the Khoi, San, and Nama people.

Sutherlandia is regarded as the African adaptogen par excellence.

Sutherlandia is also taken to assist and boost the immune system.

Active ingredients :

A number of highly active compounds, including canavanine, pinitol and the amino acid GABA occur in high quantities in Sutherlandia species.

L-canavanine is a potent L-arginine antagonist that has documented anti-caner and antiviral activity.
Canavanine has anti-tumourigenic properties, and is also an inhibitor of nitric oxide synthase, and may be beneficial in certain forms of heart failure.
Pinitol is a known anti-diabetic agent that may also have an application in treating wasting in cancer and AIDS.
GABA is an inhibitory neurotransmitter that could account for the use of Sutherlandia for anxiety and stress.

Precautions :
Sutherlandia preparations are taken on a chronic basis when necessary, but should not be taken during pregnancy as teratogenicity and abortions are known to have occurred.

Success story :

`I received my package of Wildegansie seeds and tincture and I would just like to say that the tincture works great!

And the seeds were planted with love and care several days ago and can't wait to see them grow! This is a really great site, thank you.'

-Sasha, USA.

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