Bangalala and Love Reed - Herbal Blend

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Bangalala and Love Reed - Herbal Blend

Bangalala is used as an aphrodisiac, notably to enhance male potency.

Bangalala plant :

The Bangalala root has a reputation of being a powerful sexual tonic.
It has been used for centuries by African men for sexual energy and potency.

Head for the marshes to find the 'Love Reed'.
Typha capensis is this bulrush's botanical name and it grows in wetlands throughout South Africa.
A libido lifter, the bulrush's rhizomes are its potent part.

The Love Reed is a sexual tonic that also improves the circulation.
A decoction of the rhizomes are used to enhance libido and sexual potency.

Love Reed Rhizomes :

For men, it has been documented that sexual behavior and erections are dependent on an androgen, and there are indications that the phytosteroids in Typha capensis are metabolised to androgen.

"Its efficacy probably has something to do with the fact that it appears to improve circulation, opening the veins and increasing blood circulation," says Ben-Erik van Wyk, a medicinal plant specialist and the professor of botany at the University of Johannesburg.

And for women, Typha capensis `Love Reed' increases lubrication and desire (testosterone is the hormone of desire); thus it is a cure for FSD female sexual dysfunction.

Directions for use :
Place one heaped teaspoon into a cup.
Add enough boiling water to fill half of the cup.
Allow the water in the cup to cool while stirring occasionally.
Strain and add the mixture to a glass of milk or yoghurt.
(Some people also just add it to smoothie-style drinks).

Success stories :

`The results are quick and it doesn't boost the heart rate like so many 
others I've taken with no results. (Definitely unexpected).'
-Daniel, USA.

`I have been taking the herb for some time now, and it has indeed given me some good improvements.'
-Simon, Singapore.

`I recently received an order of Love Reed & Bangalala herbal mix. I've taken it a few times and it does have a definite effect, both as libido enhancer and in a mild lingering happiness. Thanks!'
-Andre, USA.

`It does increase blood flow and gives a warming sensation that is pleasurable.
Overall, it puts you in the mood, and is relaxing, which is not half bad.
The effect also lasts a fairly long time, a few hours, and it takes effect fairly quickly.'
-Michael, USA.

`I ordered the 50g pack which I took every alternate day according to the dosage stated. I did notice some positive signs, in a way that like your feature said, improved circulation. It did well in allowing me to be more active.'
-Simon, Singapore.

`The usage of love reed and bangalala had a very very good and impressive effect on my sexlife.
These kind of products are very popular here and for me, this one beats other ones I have tried.'
-Koen, Netherlands.

`They were great - I should have gotten more; I notice a definite increase in libido - exactly why I got the blend.'
-Raphael, Canada.
Another recent success story :

I take a teaspoon, boil it a few minutes and add with it some milk 
and sugar. I think it tastes very nice.
(I noticed that when I exceed the Bangalala dosage a bit too much it gives a rush).

I am manic-depressed and I'm on MAO-inhibitors, they make me very apathic and having erection disorders.
But since I'm using this one cup a week my sex drive is back.

I feel more masculine (I think it's boosting testosterone).
I have good self-esteem and I'm more social and people notice my change in behavior, and I'm getting positive feedback on it.
The sex drive is amazing and I feel like a different person.

If you ask me this mixture also has good potential as an anti-depressant.
It's a good mood and libido enhancer.

I've been experimenting a bit for herbal remedies instead of pills. The problem is that my pills really help me, but they kill my creativity and make me too apathic.

I never expected such a strong effect within a few days, I'm really grateful.
It's definitely not a placebo effect since this is the first time in one and a half years that I'm feeling so good, so I'm gonna make an order with you in bulk, so I already have a good supply for myself.

$12.97 for 2 ounces (57grams) of Bangalala and Love Reed herbal blend.
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