Bulbine natalensis


Bulbine natalensis

There are few herbs that actually boost testosterone, fewer that really lower estrogen, and none that do both exceptionally well – except for Bulbine natalensis.

How many herbal testosterone boosters can raise testosterone by three times your normal level?
How many herbal estrogen reducers can lower estrogen by 35%?
If Bulbine natalensis only worked half as well as the scientific studies indicate, then we'd still have an amazing herb.

Who can benefit from using Bulbine natalensis :

In South Africa it has a traditional reputation as a libido booster;
it heightens sexual interest,
is a fertility enhancer,
and this is well supported by the scientific research.

Herbalists also recommend the root of the plant for men with impotence problems.

And those looking to improve their libido or experience pro-sexual effects, can benefit from Bulbine natalensis.

Also, athletes looking to enhance their hormonal profile, to support a healthy endocrine system, or improve their recovery, can all benefit from the use of this herb in a dietary supplement.

Dosage :
It is recommended to use 25mg's per kg;
for someone who is 80kgs (25mg x 80kgs = 2000mg or 2grams).

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