Mulondo - Mondia whitei

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Mulondo - Mondia whitei

Mulondo (Mondia whitei) benefits :

Mulondo is praised by men throughout Africa for its male enhancement and libido boosting effects.

Results in greater sexual performance and stronger ejaculations.

Enhances sexual stimulation and ejaculation.
Mulondo is also used to control early ejaculation and increase erection.

Scientific studies have even found that Mondia whitei has anti-depressant properties.

Mondia whitei supports male fertility, reproductive health, and testosterone production.
Scientific experiments have shown that Mondia whitei improves human sperm motility.

Has scientifically proven pro-ejaculatory effects.
The roots are used as a cure for impotence;
a treatment for erectile dysfunction.

In Kenya it is known as mukombero, where drinking it in tea form boosts virility and sexual stamina.
Mulondo is also reported to enable the penis to grow bigger.

In West Africa, the roots are used to make a very energizing drink for wedding parties; the root can be extracted with alcohol.
In South Africa, the roots are used to make a refreshing beer, and root infusions also have aphrodisiac properties.
The roots are chewed or used in alcoholic beverages as an aphrodisiac.

Mondia can also be used as a tea. It has a sweet vanilla-like flavor.

The roots are used to make a type of ginger-beer.
Roots are also used as an aphrodisiac in Zimbabwe.
The roots are used for impotence by the Shambala.
Roots are used for body pain by the Bondei.
And it is also used to give energy.

Chemical makeup :

Mondia roots contain zinc, iron and calcium which are essential minerals as well as vitamin K, A, D and E which are also antioxidant vitamins.
It has enormous nutritional value.

Scientific studies have found that Mondia whitei is rich in bio-active medicinal compounds like sterols, tritapenes, alkaloids, saponins, tarnins, flavanoids, alkaloids, glycosides, phenols and terpenoids.

The roots also contain isovanillin, a food flavoring agent.
The pleasant taste was found to be associated with vanilla compounds and sugars present in the plant.

Directions for use :
Place one level teaspoon in a cup.
Add enough boiling water to fill 2/3rds of the cup.
Allow the water in the cup to cool while stirring occasionally.
Add the mixture to a glass of milk or yoghurt.
Drink and enjoy.
(Some people also mix it into smoothie-style drinks).

Success Story :

I want to provide feedback on your Mulondo powder. 
I can definitely see a noticeable change.
I am bigger and I have more stamina.
Thank you very much.
-Charlie, USA.

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