Silene capensis - Undlela ziimhlophe - African Dreaming


Silene capensis - Undlela ziimhlophe - African Dreaming

The Xhosa people of South Africa call this sacred plant
"undlela ziimhlophe" which translates as
"white ways" or "white paths."

The Xhosa use the roots of this plant to induce prophetic dreams and to communicate with ancestral spirits in dreams.

Many of the traditional ubulawu plants in South Africa are oneirogenic (dream inducing).

These effects have been confirmed by a number of western researchers studying South African traditional healing.

The Southern Bantu-speakers value oneirogenics because of the fundamental association of dreams with the ancestor spirits in their culture.

Dreams are the primary medium through which the ancestors communicate with the diviner.

Definitions :

Oneirogenic (onei·ro·gen·ic) (o"ni-ro-jen´ik) capable of causing dreams.

The use of the oneirogenic plant among the Xhosa of South Africa plays an important role in the initiation of Xhosa diviners (amagqirha) which is enshrined in myth.

The root, which is called `undlela ziimhlophe' in Xhosa and means literally "white ways or paths', is categorised as one of the plants known as ubulawu, which produce a frothy white foam when mixed with water and have a ritual provenance in traditional religion.

Xhosa novice diviners ingest the root to induce dreams which, having personal and prophetic significance for the dreamer, are closely linked to the liminal colour white, the ancestral spirits and the practice of divination.

Easy preparation methods :

Chew and eat 50mg or more of root before bedtime. This can be done daily. (One bio-assayist reported that the effects become especially enhanced after doing this for 2weeks.)

Success has also been experienced by making tea with the roots.

Effects :

One's dreams will be exceptionally colorful, and will be remembered upon awakening.

(Ubulawu is traditionally used to have educational and prophetic dreams, and to communicate with one's ancestors through dreams.)

Traditional preparation :

It is the root that is used to prepare the sacred medicine called ubulawu.
A small piece of the root is placed into a container of water and then stirred rapidly with a stick. This causes the water to foam or froth up - caused by saponins in the plant matter.

(Saponins are a highly bioactive group of molecules. Anti-inflammatory, calming, antibiotic and immuno-regulating effects have been ascribed to saponins.)

Because of this foaming action, these medicines are also sometimes referred to as `bubbling medicine'.

`Undlela ziimhlophe' makes strong and stable bubbles, hence it is considered by some sangomas (traditional healers) to be one of the best ubulawu plants.

The traditional ritual lasts for three days and a description of the process follows :

The root is mashed into a powder before being stirred into a container of water. Foam will form, and the foam is then eaten.
Each time you require more you stir some more;
this should be done while kneeling.
The ritual lasts for three days and the bubbles must not totally disappear during this time, hence there is a regular stirring, even right through the night.

Limiting the intake of protein during this time will enhance the process.
On the third day the initiate pours the remains of the liquid over their naked body to cleanse their body; the initiate is now both internally and externally clean and their senses are clean.

Now what is going to be done, and who is going to be met?
What will be offered to them, and what will be done with what is received?
Will they be thanked?

After the ritual and the answers to one's questions have been found,
protein can then be eaten which will stabilize the blood and have a grounding effect.

Success stories :

`I have experimented with Silene capensis with excellent and 
dramatic results.' -Carol, USA.
`I am very impressed with the White Herbs blend and the
Undlela ziimhlophe. My work with the ancestors and the ability to
see them goes to another level whenever I ingest the ubulawu.
Thank you for making these botanicals available and much
success to you.' -Kenneth, USA.
`When I first tried the herbs I followed the ritual of taking it 3 times a
day. After about one week, I started to have dreams but, it was like the
dreams were being filtered, like I was looking through a glass window.
I get a lot of messages though my dreams, it is a gift that has been past
down in my family (my family is American Indian)...
I wanted to get the Ubulawu herbs because I read that it helps the
ancestors communicate with you better...The dreams were white in color and very short, but I could easily recall them,
like I was watching a movie. I did see some ancestors but they were very quiet and smiled a lot.
I still have a little left that I am saving for the month of December...
I will be ordering more. In the past I had a lot of dark dreams in color and meaning, it was
somewhat scary. After taking the herbs, it was like a cleansing...
having dreams that are white in color are the best.' -Walter, USA.
`I had an interesting experience, thank you. The overall experience has been quite positive. I used it for a week or two in the form of roots which I would chew for
some time and then swallow after fifteen minutes or so. My dreams had a markedly vivid character with more and stronger colors. I also experienced the only dream I have ever had (remembered) where
someone spoke to me.' -Jason, USA.
`There was definitely an increase in dream lucidity and I experienced an
inner state ideal for dream work.' -Cain, Australia.
`I tried it a few times and the dreams were starting to get real... I would like to order from you again! I need more advice on any type of herb that induces dream states so email me back.' -Sam, USA.
`Dream content was changed no doubt about it. I will be carrying on with this plant, I love dreaming so its right
up my alley. I will be planting the seeds a little later in the season.
Well done on your site, I think its fantastic.' -Boyd, South Africa
`I did try the Silene capensis for 3-4 days and I did feel some effects -
subtle but real.' -Mark, USA.
In regards to chewing Silene roots, Cain had this to say after chewing a
few small roots on the first and second day, `On the 3rd day I chewed on
so many roots I couldn't count them. It gave intense visionary experiences when trying to sleep and
in dreaming.' -Cain, Australia.
`Just to let you know that after chewing the Silene capensis for about ten days straight, just a small piece of root a few hours before I went to bed,
I started having some real good dreams! A big reason I bought some 'dream root' is because I hadn't been having many dreams, only 1-2 a week and they were really short and I would
forget them right away. But after chewing on the roots for almost two
weeks I started having dreams every night. Though I wouldn't call them
vivid or amazing, the fact that I was having dreams that seemed to last
the entire length of my sleep was great because I haven't experienced that
in a very, very long time. So yeah, the Silene works great! And I'll be continuing to use it.
Thank you very much for your help!' -Samuel, Canada.
`I am very satisfied, Silene is interesting plant. I have lots of lucid,
interesting dreams. It's good for my spiritual way.
My friends want Silene too. So I will order for them next time.' -Miroslav, Czech Republic.
`The dream root is definitely active and interesting, much more so when
taken every night before bed and noticing effects much more after
2 weeks.' -Jason, Canada.
`I boiled the roots down and drank it real fast. Each time I took the herbs, I dreamed They were so real on the line of surreal activity that dealt with otherworld beings that was not known to my psyche being raised in a
western culture.' -Reginald, USA.
`In my trial with the Silene, I experienced dreams that involved being
taught how to capture and hold huge pythons, among other things! Since I am a lilly white Alaskan, this was a very startling and unusual
series of dreams. Needless to say, it made quite an impression on me.' -Carol, USA.
`I did notice some effect on dreaming.' -David, USA.
`They definitely had a different taste to them (the dreams). Like when you enter a room and everyone looks at you,
you know they are watching you.' -Yves, Canada.
`I just ate the root and the 1st night I didn't dream of anything. The 2nd night I dreamt of this man who things aren't going well with.
We were never together we just met and things just keep going badly. Anyways I dreamt of him and I being together and happy.
Which is weird.' -Anu, Canada.
`I really know - it works. Lucid dreaming my first time and
very brighter dreams now.' -Artem, Moscow, Russia.
`In the dream, I met my spirit guide and received some strange messages
that I could not understand.The dream was very vivid and I could see
colors and had the sense of smell and touch. I think the difference was that I had to first believe that such an
experience was possible. Also, I really think that not eating alot and
drinking the tea right before bed time helped. I think the Dream Root is a helpful tool for helping facilitate dreaming
experiences but it seems that one must still have the belief or intent for
something to occur.' -Mark, USA.
`Thank you once again for sending me the Silene capensis root.
I have been using it for the past twelve days and here is my review from my experiences during this time. This is my first time using a 'dream' herb. I have used ordinary herbs like lavender and rosemary but on searching through the internet and select
religious books I started to find out more about 'spirit awareness'
herbs. After selecting the root and receiving it this is what happened.
On the first day I chewed and ate some for fifteen to twenty minutes
before going to bed. On waking up I had no dream recall. I figured that it was because I
was too excited and I slept late. The interesting thing was that on that first day I woke up feeling energised. It was a mild, respectable 'uplift'. As if warm, soft oil had been poured all over the body. This feeling persisted
throughout the day. On the second day I chewed, ate and dank some root.
The following morning I didn't remember any dream but that mild 'uplift' stayed and remained with me the whole day. The third day I drank and
chewed some, I then slept and had a unique dream.
It was in our home but the surroundings were quite white. This dream
was very different. From the fourth day until now I have been recalling at
least three colorful, adventurous dreams every single day. There is always a movie type dream. I am now remembering more and more dreams as if
they just happened minutes ago. The root has helped improve my
remembering and the picture quality of my 'sleep visions'. Most of the dreams happen just before I usually wake up, seeming as if
I've just jumped from the 'dreamworld' back to the physical plane. I like to use these lucid dreaming aids. 1. Melting Hand Technique. If you stare at your hand during a dream you will see it 'melt'.It will shapeshift as if it is made of a liquid metal.
The idea is to stare (not just look) at the hand many times during the day and ask yourself the question "Am I dreaming?" If your hand 'melts' then you know you are dreaming. If it becomes a routine during the day then
eventually in a dream you will ask yourself that question causing you to
consciously dream. 2. Try To Fly. Repeatedly ask yourself the question "Can I Fly?", then try to fly. Lift yourself up to your toes from the heel and genuinely attempt to levitate and then fly. If you fly then you know you are dreaming.
The reason, like in the first aid, is to do these aids many times during the day so that you will automatically perform them during a dream and then it will become lucid.' –Farai, Zimbabwe.
`The Silene is very interesting both myself and M. have had white flower dreams from using it. I like it also for lucid dream work that I do. I think it will make a good tool for many of my customers.' -Paul, USA.
`I ate it regularly for a few weeks and then I completely stopped to see
what would happen. After stopping, I was able to fall asleep
normally again and I did notice that I had dreams and remembered them more easily - I rarely had dreams before.
About a month and a half after stopping, I had really lucid dreams two
nights in a row. That was the very first time that I had a lucid dream. Interesting stuff, this root.' -Kateryna, Canada.
`I am a big fan of your products. I love the ziimhlophe... it really relaxes me and seems to be healing me in some way.' -Rick, USA.

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