3 Ubulawu Dream Herbs

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3 Ubulawu Dream Herbs
Benefit from these three ubulawu herbs (each packaged separately) :
  • Ubhubhubhu - Helinus integrifolius --- 30 grams
  • Mukanya kude - Acacia xanthophloea - 30grams
  • Undlela ziimhlophe - Silene capensis - 30grams
You can use them on their own or make your own blend.

Save $6.94 instead of buying each separately.

Success stories :

`I found the Ubulawu a very positive thing, in that as you grow up your process of thinking becomes rigid in the western culture and the use of the Ubulawu enables you
to think in a different way. I don't mean that it changes what you think about but instead allows you to think in a different way (hard to explain) but yes on the whole a very positive experience.
So far I am very happy with the products I have received from you, they do exactly what you say they do and have a good potency level.'
-Sharon G, UK.

`I was very pleased with the quality of the ubulawu herbs, they were obviously very good quality.
I tried mixing all the herbs together, and did have a Ubulawu-ish type dream.
I was pleased with the herbs, and I would definitely buy from The Botanical Source in the near future.'
-Andy, USA.

`These medicinal herbs do exactly what they are reported to do. They are very powerful.
We here in the USA cannot readily get SA traditional medicines, so I am very grateful for the opportunity to receive what I need without having to travel to southern Africa.'
-Sharon P, USA.

`My name is Dreaming Shaman and I naturally dream all the time, every day and night - as if I'm always with Spirit - I normally remember my dreams with the
Dreaming and my Ancestors but I have found that I seem to be able to recall them for longer like up to two or more days which is good.
So I'm generally pleased with the result - I've made the roots and bark last this way by making tintures - as I have only a certain amount of them.'
-Dreaming Shaman.

`The dream herbs did help me remember some very vivid dreams.'
-Max, USA.

`I am very happy with my order of Ubulawu Dream Herbs. I haven't had a lot of time to work with them yet but my preliminary results have been very good.
I have tried all of them on a few occasions with good effects.
Thank you for your good work in making these herbs available and I look forward to purchasing more of your products in the future.'
-John, USA.

`Generally I tend to have long interesting dreams every night.
However, I made a brew of all five Ubulawu herbs around 1 tablespoon of each for two cups.
I have definitely noticed my dreams getting far more vivid and complex.
I had a couple of friends who don't usually dream, drink a cup and they were actually starting to dream and the effect lasted for a while.
I meditate on a good basis and once in a while I have myself a brew. It's quite a tool no doubt. Ubulawu also tends to make some dreams damn strange though.'
-Isaac, USA.

`I have ordered a few times from you and every time I have been happy with the product.
It definitely intensifies my dreams and has a spiritual effect.
Look forward to buying more from you in future...'
-Cain, Australia.

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