Warburgia salutaris - Pepper bark leaf


Warburgia salutaris - Pepper bark leaf

Regarded by many as Africa's most valuable antimicrobial plant.

Natural antimicrobial, particularly for chest infections, bronchitis etc.

Used as an adjunct to allopathic antibiotic treatment.

In traditional medicine it is a widely used remedy for common colds,
to clear the sinuses, to cure spots in the lungs, a remedy for malaria,
and is also believed to cure sores in the mouth.

The leaves have been used to treat fungal, yeast, bacterial and
protozoal infections.

It is also indicated for Candidiasis syndrome, oral and oesophageal thrush.

Pharmacology and Chemistry :
The leaves contain numerous drimane sesquiterpenoids,
including warburganal and polygodial.
Both of these compounds have been shown to be potently anti-candidal,
and also have broad-spectrum anti-microbial activity.

Contraindicated in pregnancy and while breastfeeding.

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