Wildegansie - Sutherlandia frutescens


Wildegansie - Sutherlandia frutescens

Sutherlandia is one of the most multi-purpose and useful of the medicinal plants in southern Africa.

The uses of this wonderful plant were originally learned from the Khoi, San, and Nama people.

Sutherlandia is regarded as the African adaptogen par excellence.

Sutherlandia is taken to assist and boost the immune system (improves immunity), increase energy, and is historically used to treat diabetes,
liver problems, tuberculosis, asthma, and pain.

The leaves are said to be calming when inhaled, and are also inhaled for extreme pain. The leaves are even traditionally smoked by labourers in Namaqualand.

To use it in a tea form :
Add one teaspoon or two grams of herb to four cups/one liter of water.
Infuse this for ten minutes, and then drink 15-30 minutes before meals
or two hours after meals.

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